We’re a month in and a new normal has created itself so thought it would be worthwhile doing some top tips on things you can do to manage your mental health in this time  
– If you are juggling a lot trying to work from home and Parent then try to be realistic about what you can achieve, put off things that are not critical to the day to day running of the house/ work etc. Reach out to work if this is unmanageable and remember none of us have been in this position before so we are all learning and adapting you are not failing you are just learning to cope
– If you feel trapped inside your home try Reframing “I am stuck inside” to “I can finally focus on my home and myself” this can give us small pockets of areas to work on giving you focus and purpose
– Create Structure. This is so important for your mental health and make sure its not too far from your normal routine. 
– What can you do to make space. If you are living and working in chaos it can make everything feel like an uphill struggle. Take time to carve out new work spaces and or storage solutions. Feeling in control is key to mental health
– Start a new ritual! Maybe Sunday night zoom with friends, long soak in the tub with a good book or morning coffee in the garden. If you dont have the luxury of outside space stand at an open window and breath in the air. Anything you can you do to appreciate what you have now. By focusing on what we have we don’t think about what we have lost or missing out on. 
– If health anxiety or the general news creates ruminating thoughts the best thing to do is distract yourself. Dive into a good book, talk to your friends or throw yourself into a hobby. Idle minds create wandering thoughts that are hard to control. If you stop this in its tracks before they get too big then you are half way there. Being mindful if your thoughts are serving you or hindering you
– It may feel like your plans and goals are shattered but remember this is not forever they are just paused but think about what could you do to work towards them now or set different goals to accommodate your circumstances.
Be creative with your thoughts and actions and the world can still be perfect in imperfect times