Anxiety is at an all time high at the moment due to the current situation and I’m really seeing this show up in my 1-1 clients

When you feel like you are the master of all areas of your life your anxiety reduces dramatically. Your thoughts don’t feel as chaotic. How would it feel to always be one step ahead rather than feeling like your life is dictating itself to you and dragging you along

Here is how you can take bak control, perform at your best and stay focussed:

Accept you can’t do everything so from each area of your life pick 3 things that will make the biggest difference to your day

Learn how to say NO. When you say NO you are actually saying yes to allowing yourself to deliver something else at a higher standard

What area of your life feels the most chaotic? Take time to problem solve what you can do to make it easier. You will have the answers you just haven’t given yourself time to strategise what they are

What area of your life do you know is suffering right now, is it time for you, time with friends, time with family? What can you do to get the balance?

Multi tasking is a myth! You cant do 2 things well at the same time. Do one of those things well then move onto the next task. Ive been there trying to make tea while trying to do spelling test with the little one. Guarantee you have to ask them to repeat themselves they get frustrated, you burn the tea and it all ends up feeling like your loosing when you’re trying to win

FOCUS, take back CONTROL, you may not be super human but you are amazing and YOU CAN DO THIS. Have an amazing week everyone