Today is international Day of Happiness, sounds a bit corny i appreciate. However it did make me ponder on the things that make me truly happy. So in no particular order…
1. When my partner and my daughter tell me they love me
2. Foot rubs
3. Hot bubbly baths ( especially on a Sunday when I get to read the supplements in the daily mail- no judgment please this is only on a Sunday!)
4. Scented Candles
5. Schnuggled at home on the sofa watching a movie under a blanket on a rainy day.
6. A good hair day. I’m taking on the world that day.
7. Homemade cookies and in particular my homemade cookies. Nothing beats them and thats not me being modest thats fact that I make the best cookies in the world!
8. Clean bedding day. That night when you climb into bed with clean sheets ahhhhh heaven.
9. Quality time with my family
10. New stationary…. ooh when you place an order at Muji- yes please!!
11. Coffee/ wine with the girls

Soo looking at my top 11 ( couldn’t leave it at 10!) I’m one lucky lady. I have all the things in my life that make me happy. What can you do once a day/ week thats going to make you happy?