If you dont already know my experience of coaching and how it gave me unstoppable confidence then let me quickly share that with you. I had coaching at an early age when all other therapies had failed me. I struggled with depression, self confidence, self worth and crippling imposter syndrome

Life Coaching gave me unstoppable confidence but to save it saved me is an understatement, life coaching gave me a new way to look at myself and the world around me. Since those sessions early in my twenties, I was able to overcome my crippling depression and I have gone on to achieve way more than I could ever have imagined

Before coaching I was:

  • Worrying what other people think
  • Believing I wasn’t smart enough
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Worried i’d mess up
  • Continuously anxious

After coaching I have:

  • Had a successful career
  • Completed my own coaching diploma
  • Started my own business
  • Guest spots on the local news Tv and Radio as a mental health expert
  • Coached reality TV stars on MTV
  • Launching my own podcast

I’ve found my wings and learnt to fly in every sense, once you realise that the only thing that is stopping you is your own thoughts then the world becomes your playground to achieving anything you set your mind to

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