My Monday morning routine is so important to me, it enables me to stay in control of what it is I want to achieve it provides me with motivation, structure and clarity

Monday morning breakdown:
* Get a clean sheet in your note pad
* Write down anything you didn’t achieve from the week before
* Pop down all other tasks you know you need to action
* Go back to your objectives/ goals/ targets what can you do this week to work towards them?
* Have a section for your team/ peers and ensure you keep notes for them separate so that when you have 1-1’s/ brief catch up’s you can get answers from your queries
* Plan in any personal errands/ calls you need to make e.g pencil in getting the kids school shoes or booking in your MOT etc

The above process will take you 15 minutes max but will ensure that you are in control of the week and not the week controlling you

What’s your Monday motivator for the week?