Don’t underestimate how doing little things can really help your mental health, especially when you are struggling with anxious thoughts 🤯

I remember towards the end of lockdown 1 there were a lot of posts saying things along the lines of don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t learnt a new language or learnt how to bake banana bread but I think the reason why people were doing this was missed completely. Doing nothing for me is not great for my mental health. I need to have something to do, I need structure to my day even my days off, my mind is content when it’s kept entertained. 

I did a post recently where I talked about creating your own happiness and igniting the chemicals that make you feel good increasing your serotonin, dopamine, endorphin and oxytocin. You do this by achieving something, being mentally stimulated, being active etc

Just notice the days when you feel flat versus when you have a good day and make physical note of what you did on the days that gave you the best outcome. Your mental health is a clue to what is going on in your life so don’t ignore it and it’s not about the big achievements it’s all the little things that add up to you feeling mentally well

Its incredibly hard to change the mind with the mind but you can change it with physical action