Don’t let fear rule you

Fear of failure can stop you achieving your goals/dreams. Imagine being in the same position a year on and no further forwardūüėź. What will help you get motivated? #noexcuses #pushthroughthefear #achieveyourdreamsin2016 #judedauntcoaching


What excuses do you make for not going for what you want? #lifestooshort #thoughtfulthursday #bekindtoyourself #judedauntcoaching  

If it scares you….

Pushing yourself to take a chance or pursue a dream is scary stuff the fear alone can stop you in your tracks. What is the alternative? A decision to not take the chance or pursue would give you the same outcome as failing at least trying gives you a 50/50 chance of...

Be selfish

Personal goal: be selfish!Never be afraid to do something that’s just for you. You can be loving, caring, forgiving, selfless and adorable but if you don’t do something for yourself once in a while you’ll burn out! Treat yourself and love yourself as...


Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it #inhaleconfidence #exhaledoubt