Its Saturday morning and usually this is the day we want that extra 5 minutes in bed after a long week at work but you can guarantee this is the morning your child will wake up early. In my case i hear “Mam can we get up, Mam can we get up!!!” its not all bad, i normally get a big snuggly cuddle in bed for all of 2 minutes before i get the demand it dose not stop me wanting that extra 5 minutes in bed though. This morning was different my little one had a lie in and i woke up dot on 7am. I tried desperately to have that extra 5 minutes but i ended up wide awake playing on my phone selfishly hoping my little one would wake up so i could see her little face. After an hour of this boredom my Child wakes up walks into my room all sleepy and snuggly and the first thing she says is “Morning Mam, I love you”……………….All is right with the world again.

When your longing for something you don’t have “take a moment” and appreciate all the wonder that is around you now.