The building blocks to happiness start with you. Most people look externally on everything outside of themselves. But isn’t it empowering to know YOU have the power? 💥

How much time do you spend reflecting and becoming more effective vs how much time you spend feeling overwhelmed and lacking in your self and your achievements?

Try it, take a pause moment at some point over the weekend and do some self reflection: 

For the following areas of your life grade each area out of 10 with 10 being no improvements needed:

  • Relationship
  • Business/ Career
  • Friendships
  • Hobbies/ time for you
  • Family
  • Health

Those that don’t get a 10 what is one thing you can implement for each those areas RIGHT NOW that would make the biggest difference?

Keep this in mind when you go into next week and start to take back control of your journey and how you get to your place of happy