WORKING FROM HOME SUCKS || For some pope working from home suits their lifestyle and personality perfectly for others the thoughts of working form home indefinitely fills them with dread

This is the feedback I’m getting from a lot of my clients, they’re finding motivation levels dropping, eating habits spiralling out of control, lacking energy and craving human contact. So what can you do if this is you? Ive compiled some top tips to working from home so that you can manage it better until normality resumes!

1. Make sure you have created space. Somewhere that feels like its separate from the rest of the house and feels like work mode! Depending on size of your property this may not be super easy to accommodate so I would then suggest even just carving out a corner of a room that is for your “office” mine currently consist of a small table in the corner of my bedroom that houses files and some under bed storage boxes fro stationary and books. I then have a bag that has my laptop, current files and notebook in which I get out and set up each morning and pop away at the end of the work day

2. Be Organised! Be just as organised with yourself as you would if you were at your office desk. Lazy organisation in turn will make us feel sluggish as if everything is an effort

3. Check in. Take time to have virtual coffee/ lunch breaks. Those colleagues that give you a boost and a giggle still need to be in your life. The majority of us crave human interaction so make the effort to include this in your working day

4. Keep track. Don’t loose sight of your priorities /goals / objectives. Take time to do a thorough to do list including long and short term objectives as well as daily tasks. To be motivated and have energy we need to feel a sense of achievement and progression so dont underestimate the power of being able to tick off your completed tasks and setting yourself goals

5. See the benefits There will be benefits to the current situation you just need to make you you are utilising them for example gaining time back from the commute to work. What can you do with that extra time to make the most of it?

6. Conscious eating. If you have found yourself putting on weight and its getting you down be conscious of any new bad habits you have started. Are you grazing / snacking throughout the day? Are you just eating whatever’s in the fridge rather than a balanced meal? If you are waiting till meal time to decide what you’ll have your lack of energy at this point may make you go for the easy option not the healthy option! Plan your food just as you plan your workload.

7. Posture. Try and create the comfiest seating position you can with what you have available, bad posture can cause back pain which is not only painful but will also affect your mood. If you’re struggling see if your company can support you with additional equipment

There’s always ways to make the best out of a situation but sometimes you need a little nudge to do so