Are you getting in your own way?

Our mind can sometimes be like google maps creating specific routes from A to B, these are default responses that our thinking will take us on time and time again without us being conscious that it is happening

So when we try to step outside of our comfort zone or achieve a specific goal because our internal thinking system has a programmed way of working then we can sometimes get in our own way without actually realising. We are then left struggling as to why we cant move past these mental blocks

To overcome these mental blocks try asking yourself these 5 simple questions:

What am I trying to achieve?

What have I done in the past to achieve and at what point did it stall?

Dig deep and ask yourself what does your internal mindset say when you start this, is it supportive or negative?

Break down all the points that you need to do to get from A-B

Do you need external support? Either emotional or practical?