Feeling out of control, unable to cope, overwhelmed with life, spiralling to the point that even the easiest things seemed impossible. For the first time in her 15 years, she had to ring her manager and say “I need time off I’m struggling” 

My wonderful client Nicole has kindly let me share her coaching transformation

The challenge of juggling being a full-time working mother, her husband’s demanding job and shift patterns, often lead to lots of solo parenting and no time for herself. Combine that with becoming a new regional manager at a global company and the demanding pressures at the start of the pandemic. She started to feel out of control and needed help

We started working together in late September, by October in her own words: “We worked on my triggers, coping mechanisms and changing my mindset and how to maintain this when I was back to work and the plates were spinning again. I returned to work in October feeling more motivated, engaged and determined than I had ever been before.” 

That is not the end of the transformation

Last week Nicole attended the Global President dinner for her company in Madrid. She was asked if she would share her journey with all of the other senior managers in the room.

Can you imagine sharing your lowest point with your colleagues on stage at a black-tie event?  She’s amazing right!

Nicole kindly sent me a video of the speech and I had tears in my eyes. At the end of the speech, she received a hugely deserved standing ovation 

Not only that but she’s come out of this year with not 1 but 2 awards for her work, contribution and team results. 

Let me share with you a snippet from the end of her speech 

“So my closing thoughts areFinding the balance is tough. If you change nothing, nothing changes. Its ok not to be ok, its ok to ask for helpIts ok to take a pause” 

Nicole worked with me on the Unbreakable Mindset® Programme. If you want to get unstuck, work on your mindset allowing you to not just cope but thrive then I want to talk to you 

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