Today is world mental health day. For those those of you that are:
– Painting on a smile
– Struggling to figure out why you feel so s^*t
– Feeling like you’re living under a dark cloud
– Struggling to find an answer when someone ask’s you “what is wrong?”
– Annoyed with yourself that you feel so god dam sad
– Tearful
– Can’t see any light
– Finding it difficult to see any positives
– Struggling to breath because your chest feels so tight
– Find sleep more comforting then being awake
– Struggling to actually get to sleep
– Feeling very alone
This day is for you.
If you or a loved one feels any of the above and is still struggling to get the help they need then please do point them in the direction of a qualified coach. I personally specialise in helping people gain back control of their lives and move away from depression and start living again. E-mail Contact 0191 4932256