Studies show that one in four young people will experience depression before they are 19 years old. When i was young the dots weren’t connected to work out that someone so young could suffer from depression. It took until the age of 15 to be diagnosed with those first few years feeling very confused as to why I felt so different.
At that age the level of expectations you put on yourself is extremely high. Trying to please Teachers, fears of getting work wrong, fear of being rubbish at everything, working out pecking order with friends, not feeling the prettiest or the smartest or the toughest and whilst they’re dealing with all of that they have their parents on their back for attitude, cleaning their room and all the other nagging we do!
When we get older we can learn to deal with our emotions and behaviour but as Children we’re just trying to figure out the world we are living in and for most its flipping scary.
How to spot signs your child may be depressed:
* Changes in appetite — either increased appetite or decreased
* Changes in sleep— sleeplessness or excessive sleep
* Continuous feelings of sadness or hopelessness
* Difficulty concentrating
* Low energy
* Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
* Impaired thinking or concentration
* Increased sensitivity to rejection
* Irritability or anger
* Physical complaints (such as stomachaches or headaches) that do not respond to treatment
* Reduced ability to function during events and activities at home or with friends, in school or during extracurricular activities, or when involved with hobbies or other interests
* Social withdrawal
* Thoughts of death
* Vocal outbursts or crying
Im working with young people now to help them deal with emotions, gain confidence and feel like they fit in. I work with the Child or I can work with Parents to help them help their Children through this difficult time.