How much does caring what others think stop you in your tracks?

Wana know a secret……………. People are rarely thinking about you. I don’t mean that in a dismissive way but as we all have a huge to do list, we all have things we are working on, thinking about, worrying about we have very little time to fully concentrate on what someone else said/ did. So imagine that the next time you’re ruminating over a conversation you’ve had with someone, worrying if you came across the right way or what someone thinks of your latest insta post. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine if they are actually thinking about you right now………

My guess is they’ve scrolled past and onto the next in the literal and physical sense. Stop worrying what others think and concentrate on your own journey, not only will you get more done in your life but you’ll be less fearful, more confident, more productive and far far less anxious

Worrying what others think is a huge anxiety trigger, put effort into correcting where your thoughts go