In times of conflict in a relationship it can be a slog fest of 2 people desperately trying to exercise their opinion and not feeling heard. Not feeling like the other person gets its can be incredibly frustrating when you feel you are telling them in a 100 different ways why what you are saying is relevant and important to you. Now let me tell you why thats not working…………

In times of conflict we need to do the following to be truly heard:

  1. Seek to understand before trying to be understood
  2. Slow down your communication to truly hear
  3. Be curious about the others perspective
  4. Recognise your emotional triggers and learn to understand them
  5. Practice using empathy to build a closer connection
  6. Listen for the hidden unmet need or emotion
  7. Look at the facts and step outside your circle

I do this work with Clients when they are struggling with a relationship or they want to build relationships. I’ve definitely had to remind myself of the above when i’ve seen opinions on my Facebook feed that differ to mine

I hope this helps you today