9 years ago when I was searching for a course to become a life coach it was important to me that my life coach certification was accredited by a governing body. This would give me confidence that the content in the course was going to get me the best start I needed to support my clients to get their desired results whilst also giving me confidence as a coach that I knew what I was doing

So naturally, when I embarked on starting my own coaching academy it was really equally as important that the course would be accredited. This was as you would imagine very challenging, there are strict criteria of requirements that the course has to include which makes sure the students get the correct support and education.

I’m so happy to say that this week I got the news that the ACCPH have said my course is to a Level 4 diploma standard and they are happy to accredit the course!

I am soo excited, proud and giddy I could burst, this means soo much to me and I know that the course is going to enhance the lives of the students and in turn their clients

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Not only is the Unbreakable Mindset certification delivered to a high standard but it is a course designed to fit around your full-time job. You work through the material at your own pace, live teachings twice a month and one on one support from your mentor

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