A very raw and honest account of my struggles with mental health, lacking confidence and self belief as well as how i worked through some very traumatic life events at a young age

To be able to share how i turned around my crippling anxiety and depression is one of my greatest gifts, i know what it feels to hit rock bottom and the dark clouds that appear but i also know its possible to stop that cycle in its tracks without ever going back. 

I’ve linked below so you can have a listen, this is the apple podcast link so if you have another platform you use search Dawn Breaks, Harriet Oliver 

Please do let me know your thoughts.

***Please be aware this episode contains difficult themes. Please listen to the warning at the very start of the episode.***

Listen to it here on  https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/dawn-breaks/id1552922131 or here: https://www.dawnbreaks.co.uk/podcast

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