REASON 1 Relationships.

– You lack confidence to start dating
– You’ve entered into a new relationship, it feels great but you can’t help but obsess that its all going to go wrong and consequently you spend your time worrying rather than enjoying the relationship
– All your friends are coupled and you just can’t seem to find your soul mate
– You’ve been on your own too long that you’ve become despondent about finding anyone – You’ve been married for a while, together for years but you just bicker and you know you want something to change
– You’ve suffered a broken heart and you’re struggling to disconnect and move forward – Past relationships have scarred you .

These are just some of the reasons people come to see me for relationship support, I work with clients to build confidence, understand past experiences and how they have influenced decisions / actions. Work to control anxieties and put coping mechanisms in place. Look at dynamics of a relationship and work with the client so they can see the relationship from an outside perspective. If any of the above applies to you, feel free to message / call me