Here we are 2 weeks till the end of 2020 and coming to the end of what has been a life altering year and a one we will never forget

For me the year started with a huge loss, my little Mam at the age of 62 passed away. Back in January little did I know i’d be thankful that she passed away when she did. To think of the year she would have had and definitely not survived, I would not have had those last few days with her by her bedside in hospital and we wouldn’t have had the comfort of a what turned out to be a beautiful send off at her funeral

On reflection this year has taught me soo much, loosing 50% of my clients in the first week of March forced me to look at what can I do rather than what can’t I do. Im less fearful of what is to come and much more focussed on where I want my practice to go

You’re either like me reflecting on the year or trying to run into 2021 to leave all this behind, I will be raising a glass to NHS, Zoom quizzes, Sir captain Tom Moore, my truly amazing friends ( you know who You are), everyone who fought for Black lives matter and continue to do so and to all of you who made it through wether you baked sourdough or not! Oh and not to forget I went from Miss to Mrs 


If you’re wanting to go into to 2021 with purpose check out my Life Audit post