A friend of mine recently changed her profile picture on Facebook. Not something she does often and she got a LOT of likes and comments

This is not me bragging on her behalf because actually when I mentioned this to her, her response was “it’s all a bit overwhelming and I don’t feel worthy or deserving of the compliments” and she ended that message with “what is wrong with me that I cant accept these”

I first replied “you’re an idiot” 🤣🤣then I went into coaching mode and I’m putting my response down here for anyone who needs it…..

“It doesn’t matter how much I tell you or other people tell you how fantastic you are ( I tell her a lot!) it really doesn’t matter until you believe it. Confidence has to come from with in and you have to start building a belief system that supports this”

How many of you have had a compliment that you have batted off? 😳

This comes back to what I always say that the only person’s opinion that matters about YOU is YOURS

To start this process acknowledge your self talk and change the narrative. Lastly truly hear the compliments with a grateful heart 🤗