12th Jan is the fateful day most people GIVE UP on their new year resolutions. 

We use New Year as a pivot point for change and change is hard because lets face it if it were easy you would have implemented it already!

Key reasons why we GIVE UP on their new year resolutions :

  • The thing that keeps momentum going is motivation and motivation will only stay around long enough to see results so if your expectations for your goal are too high you’ll become demotivated very quickly
  • You’ve tried to do too many goals/ resolutions all at once

Only 8% of will actually stick too and achieve their goals so let me share with you hop they do it

  • Be realistic: Are the goals achievable within the given time scales under current circumstances?
  • PLAN plan and more planning! Don’t just say you’re going to do something you have to actually figure out how you’re going to do it, this planning part will tell you if you are being realistic or if you need to break it down and do this in stages
  • SUPPORT! We tend to not share our goals for fear of failing, that is the opposite of what you should do as it gives you an easy get out clause. Share the goals and increase the accountability. Look at what external support you may need to support the goal
  • Markers. Pop some markers in the sand so you can celebrate key stages within your goal
  • The WHY. Keeping coming back to why you want change and what it will feel like when you see the change

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