This blog is about work life balance but also about problem solving what isn’t working in your life, then doing something about it!

I have stopped working evenings, wow that feels good to write.

At the start of taking my business full time, my passion and commitment meant I would pretty much do any hours that best suited my clients. This was absolutely the right decision at that time but as the years have went on I realised my late night sessions were becoming a part of the week that lowered my energy.

My late night days were a 7.30am start in my office ,working till 3.30, then picking up the children and making dinner. Once my husband was in he would take over and do bedtime for the little one while I went upstairs to start my evening sessions at 6.30 finishing at 9.00pm!

It was only 2 nights a week I did this but my energy was lowering and the juggle to do this was becoming too much

Problem Solve

I now work longer days on a Sunday to still accommodate my clients who work a standard 9-5. Sundays are now a 7.30 start and a 6.00 finish, but my goodness i feel so much better about my working week!!

Now this works for me, for now and yes I’m lucky i can move my hours BUT i also used to work for a retailer where I juggled travelling half the country, staying away 2 nights a week whilst being a single parent and I would also try and do this same problem solving process.

Look at what is working, what’s not working, what my family need, what i need and what is within my control to change

Struggling and not stepping back to see what you can do to problem solve will keep you repeating the same patterns

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